Toiletry bag Travel Mate

110 / 135 EUR

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Taking our old toiletry bag pattern as an example and applying the principles of circular design, our new unisex product was born. It can be used as a cosmetic bag, holder for wires or other accessories.


Size (for big):
Opening: 26 cm
Height: 14,5 cm
Width: 11 cm
Length: 22 cm

Size (for small):
Opening:  21 cm
Height:  11 cm
Width:  9 cm
Length:  18 cm


In addition to these color combinations, you can choose from other options. More information about the availability of these by e-mail or come and see the selection in our studio store.

Toiletry bag purchased from web store is made to order and will be shipped out in 4-8 weeks. If you need it faster, ask us about the stock options by e-mail