Our Team

We have been making bags and accessories for over 10 years now. In the early years Stella was making custom orders mostly alone but since then the team has grown to a dozen and occasionally a partner in Tartu helps us out, too. 

All our bags are marked with the names of the artisans who made it. Look inside it and meet the makers and other our team members here below. 


Creative Director and Head Designer

Stella’s aim has always been to create a workspace where people love to work, where clients and friends love to visit again and again and where money isn’t made at the expense of the environment. She wants to prove that you can run a leather studio in a sustainable and innovative way. Her spectacular determination and tenacity has helped her grow her business from a studio of one to a successful company with almost dozen employees. She always finds a solution even to the most complicated problem and she has the remarkable ability to look at the world from different angles. Stella is not only a great boss and teacher but also a good friend.


Senior Crafter and Social Media Specialist

Gerli feels at home both in a glamorous New York fashion house and a tiny leather studio in Estonia. She’s incredibly focused and a talented leather crafter - she could cite the peculiarities of making each of the bags in her sleep. Gerli has the soul of a true hedonist but she’s ready to go all in to achieve her goals, never shying away from hard work or staying late. Her banter always takes the edge off in the studio - each of the bags has their own anecdote to tell. She’s always well versed in the latest trends which comes in handy when managing our social media communication. She’s also one of Maris’ main helpers when organising events. Her care has given new life to a lot of plants in our studio.



When Maarja sets her mind on something, she devotes all her attention and care to it. She’s tackling ever more complicated leather projects at the studio with utmost attention to detail. Her demanding and precise eye casts over all the products we make at the studio. Maarja also makes sure that all leather scraps are sorted and reused as quickly as possible which allows us to create a lot less waste than other leather studios. She also has a degree in scenography and could design the stage for our future studio band. When Maarja makes the lunch for all, everyone in the studio can’t wait to see which classic dishes she’s made this time.



Kadri graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in interior architecture with the best possible grades and joined us straight from the university. She’s got an incredible ability to see the forest behind the trees. As a crafter, Kadri is devoted and conscientious - her aim is to make bags in the right way and do it fast. Her determination is an inspiration to us all - she’s become one of the most prolific crafters in our studio in no time. Kadri is a skilful crafter who moves calmly down her own path, helping others wherever she can and always completing what she has started. She’s a calm and collected colleague who can always be relied on.



Kelly is a diligent crafter who doesn’t like to make a fuss. She has high expectations for her work and she pays attention to detail while always finding ways to develop and learn new skills. Kelly is good at anything requiring dexterity - in addition to making complicated leather bags, she can restore battered old chairs, make the world’s best dishes and juggle her leather studio tasks with keeping her cafe Värav going in the centre of Tallinn. Kelly’s warm and calm demeanour is like a soothing balm to a colleague’s soul - everything will be done and we’ll enjoy every moment! When delicious cakes appear in the studio fridge without any mention then it’s most probably Kelly’s doing.


Crafter, graphical designer

Helen is an attentive and fast crafter who has a product design degree from the Estonian Academy of Arts. In the studio, she is also involved in prototyping new products and developing technical designs. She isn’t fazed by any tasks and welcomes any challenges. As a team member, she’s calm, collected and optimistic even when there's a good reason to feel defeated. She spices up our everyday routines with her great humour and donuts from the Nõmme train station. At the end of the day when everyone’s feeling the weight of the day on their shoulders, Helen saves the day with her music choices - her retro-fuelled trips down the memory lane have saved several busy periods in the studio.



Kerli has made a comet-like descent from beginner to a irreplaceable crafter status. She is a good and calm colleague who doesn’t take life too seriously. Her eye for photography lifts the mundane moments in the studio to visual masterpieces - her photos make the role of the crafter look like a dream come true. Kerli is kind, accurate, meticulous and always smirking at the latest joke. She’s also the true detective of the studio who always knows where the lost things have hidden themselves.



Before Meeli started leather crafting, she worked as a nurse. It might seem like an unexpected choice to switch medicine for leather but as soon as you get to know Meeli, it all makes sense. One of our youngest team members is brimming with empathy like a warm cashmere jumper. She takes care of the least pleasant tasks in the studio without ever compromising on quality. In addition to leather crafting, Meeli also does some sales work in our studio shop. As a client advisor, she’s a calm listener who knows how to advise people and how to skillfully explain the inner workings of leather. In addition to everything, she’s also a decent viola player.


Crafter, product development

Elise is passionate about zero waste and she likes things to be in order. Her efforts have made both our physical studio space and processes better and she takes care that circular design ideas are included in product development. Her loud and special ringtone has become studio's inside joke and she is happy to share her jokes with infectious laughter. Elise is a big animal lover and occasionally we have an extra team member – her dog Hilda. And watch out – in the next years Elise will most likely be hottest new name of the estonian animation scene!



Henna became a member of our team through internship. Dedication and thirst for knowledge have made her an irreplaceable crafter who can be trusted also with more complicated tasks. Her preceding experience in sales has helped us closer to our nordic neighbours.  Henna has brought balance to the studio – her healthy mindset and finnish calmness are good antidote to the daily turbulent pace.


Head of Sales and Marketing

Maris is like a pocket knife who has various uses and functions. She can write texts with one hand while analysing numbers and organising events with the other. She’s an experienced and knowledgeable visionary whose contribution to the overall direction is invaluable. She knows how to live in the moment while looking to the future and taking small steps towards the goals every day, spicing it all up with a pun or a joke from life itself. Maris’ curious nature and constant need to develop has helped our leather studio to take several steps forward. With her disciplined and direct disposition, she can keep all the wheels turning - she’s the real perpetuum mobile!


Sales assistant

Maria is a ray of sunlight who cheerfully welcomes our guests. She keeps everyone's mood up with her infectious laughter and humming to some good tunes on our playlists. When necessary she can generate a sound of a trumpet – a tradition on occasions when we have something to celebrate! She is not afraid of any task and completes them with joy and enthusiasm.


Financier (on maternity leave)

Angeelika is like the holy spirit who we don’t see that often but who’s always there in spirit keeping an eye on everything. She’s the irreplaceable voice of reason in the studio who can convert creativity into measurable tables. Thanks to her, every number finds its right place on the correct row in each table.



Mari-Liis’ experience in strategic management, service design and IT, her rational thinking and bystander’s perspective offer a useful interlude for everyone in the studio and help us realise our dreams as fast as possible.



Silke is an expert in marketing the sustainable brands. She may be compared to a chef – she sees potential in raw materials and can create the right recipe to have the best outcome. Her consulting has opened our eyes to new possibilities and helped us to be more clear in our communication. 


In addition to our studio crafters a small family owned manufacturer in Tartu (located also in Estonia) helps us out occasionally. They have a long experience with leather work. We are in frequent contact and the bags that are made there follow the same technical specifications, quality and care as is our studio. Cooperation with them enables us to move faster towards our zero-waste goal and to prove that sustainable leather accessories manufacturing is also possible in a classical production.