Eyeglasses case Just-In-Case

In order to protect your precious pair of glasses, this case comes in handy. Or use it as a perfect nest for your daily makeup tools. Bonus: it brings some funk into your life as it comes in seven different colours. 

Materials: Leather

Basic colours: Black, light brown, dark brown.

In addition, you can choose from other colours (bordeaux, blue, yellow, green, raspberry red, grey etc.). More information about these by e-mail or come and see the selection in our studio store. Choosing from this selection the waiting time could be up to 3 months.

Size: 8 x 16 x 2 cm
Shipping: The shipping can take up to 3-9 working days for European countries and up to 21 working days to everywhere else.

These cases for glasses are made to order and will be shipped in 3 workdays (depending on the availability of the material).

For quicker order 10% addition to the price. Quick orders can only be made by e-mail

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