You know what goes together like peas and carrots? It’s your favourite book and this bookmark right here! It lets you take up from where you left off and most importantly - makes you smile when you read the witty saying on the cover. You can personalise the bookmark by adding a name or a sentence on it.

Materials: Leather

Basic colours: black, light brown, dark brown.

In addition, you can choose from other colours (bordeaux, blue, yellow, green, raspberry red, grey etc.). More information about these by e-mail or come and see the selection in our studio store. Choosing from this selection the waiting time could be up to 3 months.

Size: Width: 17,5 cm
Height: 5,5 cm
Extra details: You can also add name, initials or text (additional price 20€).
Shipping: These bookmarks are made to order and will be shipped in 5 days (basic colours) or in up to 12 weeks (other colours).

For quicker order 10% addition to the price. Quick orders can only be made by e-mail

Shipping to:
Estonia 2-3 days – 4 EUR
Europe 3-9 days – 5 EUR
Rest of the world up to 21 days – 8 EUR

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