Rent a Bag

There is no need to own all different kinds of bags. We rent our bags for short-term – for a weekend, to try and get the feel of the bag or to go on a holiday. You can rent a bag that is always in the best shape and well taken care of and suitable for your various life events.


This is also a great way to try out and get the feeling of the bag before buying it. We will deduct the rental price from the bag price if you decide to buy or order the same model.

The bags that you can rent at the moment are:
handbags Capital of Plenty, Take a Short Day Off and Ready to Work Hard, shoulder bag Take a Long Day Off, backpack Go to the Library Bag and weekend bag Rob a Bank Bag.

Price list Min. 3 days or Fri-Mon 1 week 2 weeks Additional day
Capital of Plenty or Take a Short Day Off 15 € 27 € 42 €
3 €
Take a Long Day Off 30 € 50 € 75 €
5 €
Go to the Library Bag 30 € 50 €
75 €
5 €
Rob a Bank Bag50 € 90 €
 125 €
7 €
Ready to Work Hard         30 €              50 €             75 €     5 € 

Reserve a bag or ask for more information

At the moment this service is only available to customers with Estonian ID-card or passport.