Stella is the very heart of our studio – she keeps the wheel turning and makes sure that everyone has everything they need. Her urge to create is a true force of nature - she absolutely needs to be in the studio in the morning to give a start to yet another beautiful and long-lasting leather accessory as well as build and develop a studio where her fellow-crafters love to work and where friends and clients wish to return. Supervisor, friend and instructor – Stella is a perfect all-in-one deal.


Lotta makes the straightest cuts in these parts of the world and a lot of care and dedication is put into all the bags that she crafts. Her quick fingers, focus and spot-on comments put work and play into balance. She is also the most popular instructor in the studio because she is just so well tempered and friendly.


Elis is the soul of the studio – she helps the plants grow on the windowsill and puts little welcome notes beside the tools. She cares for every single bag that comes from her loving hands – everything has a soul in this studio and they all need a gentle touch. In a way she is also the clock on the wall – her five o’clock humour is a guaranteed reminder that the workday is about to end.


Gerli adds cosmopolitan vibes to our studio - she knows all the up and coming trends of the world. She has hedonistic view to the world but she is also willing to put maximum effort to the work that can be sometimes very hard and drag on to late hours.


Egle loves millimetres and angles of all sorts. Every seam has its proper place and of course angles have to be defined. But as life is not straight you can frequently find her wandering off from the controlled seams and fooling around with material leftovers instead. To be true – she is just a big child who is responsible for the little collage making frenzy in various hidden corners of the studio – keep your eyes open when you come for a visit and let’s just say that you have been warned.


Triin, our beloved redhead, is sincere, serene and thorough – come to think of it, she is actually a perfect leather artisan and can give your new accessory exactly the touch it needs. The minimalist design of the items made in studio places the material on the stage and Triin is the level headed stage manager who draws attention to every single cut, seam and detail to let the leather shine in the spotlight. Just like her shiny green eyes.


Sigrid has as much energy as the rest of our team put together. She can do in one day the same as a regular person in three and still shine all the way. Great dedication goes to all that she crafts and she also enjoys meeting new people when selling.


Meeri is very determined and dedicated and never gives up before all that she crafts is perfect. She is not afraid of challenges and is willing to spend hours to learn and be the best in all that she does. Her kindness and appreciation for small things in life create an easygoing atmosphere at the studio.


Katrin makes the studio feel like home – she walks around in socks, bakes cakes and puts a smile on our faces with her endless jokes. But when it comes to work you can hardly notice her because she switches the rest of the world off and concentrates on every detail to get the ideal result. Yet another perfectionist among us.


Piret’s curiosity has made her smart in every aspect of life. She always knows the most sensible way how to deal with whatever situation to be encountered in the studio. It’s her you go to for advice. Piret also knows that the best side of course is the positive one – why cry over some detail gone wrong when the life is still good and working with leather is oh so soothing!


Maris takes care that all e-mails get an answer and all orders have a place in crafters timeline, additionally being responsible for sales and marketing. Maris is never in a bad mood and finds the right strategy to solve any problem. Sometimes she can also surprise with silly animations made from leather scraps.


Mari-Liis's background in business management, service design and IT help our dreams to come to reality faster. Her clear vision guards that our branding and communication are talking the same language.


Angeelika is the voice of reason and absolutely irreplaceable in the studio. She has the gift to translate creation into various charts. If she were not among us, there would not just be creative mess but an utter chaos. She is the one who knows what goes on and makes every number find the right place in the right chart. And that is a serious talent.